Angela De Nardis

nata a Ortona ( Pescara ) il …...

 titoli di studio : laureanda in Letteratura  all' Università di Siena

 She speaks fluently english .

 Other titles :

 Hobbies and interests:


Carolina Vitolo

nata a Siena  il …...

titoli di studio : laureanda in Giurisprudenza all' Università di Siena

She speaks fluently english .

Other titles :

Hobbies and interests


Cristiano Iachetta

Born in Siena on …...

Graduated from University of Siena

She speaks fluently english.

Other titles :

Hobbies and interests: sport, music, wine and travelling


Luca Garrapa

nato a Siena  il 03/10/1969

titoli di studio : Laureato in Scienze Economiche all' Università di Siena

She speaks fluently english , franch , spanish . She can communicate in portuguese

Other titles : 2 levels of AIS ( Sommelier Italian Association ) + 2 levels of AICOO ( Olive Oil Italian Connaisseurs Association )

Hobbies and interests : books, theatre, travels, foreign languages and cultures, history, percussions .